Halifax outside workers extremely disappointed with employer’s offer

Despite the threat of a lock-out made by their employer, members of CUPE 108 Unit 1, Halifax outside workers, overwhelmingly rejected the offer put forward to them by their employer, with a 90 per cent vote to reject on the evening of August 17th.

“Residents should be aware that the City has made it clear that they would rather lock out workers than continue to bargain a fair collective agreement,” says Todd MacPherson, CUPE representative. On Tuesday, August 9, the employer served notice of their intention to lock employees out, even though the two sides were actively negotiating that day.”

“We are ready to go back into negotiations with the employer at any time. We want to reach an agreement at the table, and avoid a disruption of services that could happen if the City goes through with their threat to lock out our members,” says Mark Cunningham, president of CUPE 108.

“This employer needs to understand that we will not bargain concessions – even under the threat of a lock out.”

CUPE 108, Halifax Civic Workers, are outside workers employed by the Halifax Regional Municipality. There are over 300 members in Unit 1 including labourers, facility maintainers, gardeners, utility workers, storepersons, traffic sign and marking technicians, painters, building trades persons, fleet trades persons, engine room operators, chief plant operators, and plant operators including arena, rink, and pool.