CUPE Awards and Scholarships



Larry Drummond Snow Fighters Award

Larry Drummond was employed with the Halifax Regional Municipality providing public service with Operations. He was recognized for possessing many of the qualities that are identified on our Plan on a Page.

  • Always having a positive attitude
  • Could always count on him to help his co-workers
  • Raised the morale with his presence
  • Dedicated to always give what was needed to provide public service
  • He Made A Difference

Winter Operations presents many challenging conditions which can present stress, frustrations and demands on an employee and their family. We have many committed hardworking employees who provide great efforts and sacrifice during the winter season. The success of our Winter Operations starts on our frontlines with our CUPE employees that have their hands on the controls, their hands on the wrenches or hands on a snow shovel.  Their efforts and values that they demonstrate throughout the winter season provides high-quality public service to benefit our citizens and co-workers.

As we started last winter season, we intend to annually recognize two individuals from our frontlines that represent the qualities outlined on our Plan on a Page.


All CUPE Local 108 employees who participate and/or assist in the Transportation and Public Works  Winter Operations Program.



  1. Any employee or supervisor can nominate a CUPE employee who demonstrates the values identified below under criteria.
  2. Each nomination must include a brief summary to support the nomination.
  3. All nominations are to be submitted to or hand-delivered in sealed envelope to the employees supervisor.
  4. Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2021
  5. All nominations will be reviewed by a non-associated review panel, who will recommend the recipient(s) after reviewing the nominations and selection will be based on the individuals whose nominations align with the criteria below.


All nominations should align and demonstrate the following:

  • Employee takes pride in providing High-Quality Public Service
  • Demonstrates Respect to their colleagues and the public
  • Employee practices and promotes Health & Safety in their workplace
  • Employee demonstrates Service Excellence in mentoring, supporting and assisting their colleagues
  • Employee is engaged in providing Healthy Communities by their demonstrations of improving Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion


The successful recipient(s) will have their names identified and added to an annual plaque that will be showcased at the MacKintosh Operational Depot.