In House vs Contracting Out

CUPE Local 4728 – Grand Forks Municipal Workers have saved their city $400,000 by completing a water main development project in-house rather than contracting it out. City management had received an estimate of approximately $750,000 to complete the job with contractors. CUPE 4728 provided the same service and quality of work for approximately $350,000 and completed the project in less than three months.–Ht0HakvxzV39aerez8Rtg7mRlBuQ55rRDQ 


This report from the Columbia Institute is about the emerging trend of remunicipalization. Services that were once outsourced are finding their way back home. Most often, they are coming home because in-house services cost less. The bottom-line premise of cost savings through outsourcing is not proving to be as advertised. To learn more regarding this report, read here:  back_in_house_e_web